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 Ein perfekter Sturm (D)   Commons (E)     P.M. 2006   

 No Nonsense     Über die Vereinfachung des Lebens in Territorium 37   von P.M.  2003

 the next mutiny on the Bounty     by P.M.    Jan 2002

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P.M., works & experiments since early 80`s in intergalactic space ("Weltgeist Superstar"), in New York ("Tripura Transfer"") on Planet "asa", & and in the Year 1000 ("Die Schrecken des Jahres 1000", part 1,2 & 3 - Rotpunktverlag), to find out, how to get back, the lost social awareness.

P.M., lives & works in Zürich, & supports the Project "Kraftwerk 1"

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